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Customizable Full Color Shining Glasses, Programmable Bluetooth 4.0 RGB LED Glasses


Quick and Easy Installation: Through the free app, you can connect your glasses to your smart phone via Bluetooth, Bluetooth enabled to connect to the App and instantly customize your messages, APP can support above Android 4.3 and Apple 7.0 versions.
Functions Include: Adopt high power, high light full color 1010 RGB led chip,12*36 pixels total 432 dots. Text, Drawing, Animation, and Equalizer display, Multi-language Support Included English/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Japanese/ German/ French/ Korean etc.
Express Yourself: Functions include customizable texts, write any message you want, drawings, animations, equalizer. Input characters,20 In Chinese / 40 in English. You Be Catch More Eyesight When You Wear It On Party, Concert, Club, Bar, Pub, Roadside, it is fun for parties, shows, rave concerts and festivals.
USB Rechargeable: LED Shining Glasses built-in rechargeable battery, working time around 5 hours when fully charged(3 hours), can be charged by adapter, power-bank, computer, etc. Input voltage and current must be 5V/1A. When charging, you will see red indicator light, when full charged, red indicator light will be turned off.
Best Gift: Flashing neon rave glasses is made of high quality plastic (ABS), no UV no radiation, include 432 soft LED, offers perfect visual effect and longer continuous glowing time at night, , portable, durable and lightweight, it will be the best gift for your kids, once you own it, you will be the-focus and super star at the party.

Customizable Full Color Shining Glasses, Programmable Bluetooth 4.0 RGB Fullcolor Glowing LED Glasses

Shining Glasses

Technological Design and Modern Loook with built-in Rechargeable Battery LED lights in the Glasses

Brand new LED Glasses that creates an incredibly fun atmosphere, where you also can easily see something through the fully transparent lenses! LED glasses you can’t have for yourself!

Programmable Bluetooth 4.0 RGB Fullcolor Glowing LED Glasses

Fullcolor Glowing LED Glasses

Rated capacity of this product 700mAh.

Long life battery, up to 500 cycles or more.

Adopt high power, high light, long life 432 lamp beads 1010 RGB LED lamp beads.

Charging protection: The charging status shows the battery symbol, and the charging is completed automatically.

When charging, tap the key to display the power and charging state.


Fullcolor Glowing LED Glasses

Shell Color: Black. Light Color: Colorful

Battery Performance : 902040 Polymer Battery

Battery capacity: 700MAh Rechargeable Battery(Built-in)

Case material: transparent ABS & high light plastic

Input voltage/current : 5 V/1A

Charging type: USB interface charging

Charge time : 3 hours. Use time : 5 hours

Size(Folding): About 175x75x51 mm(L*W*H)

Bluetooth version: 4.0. Pixels: 12*36. Number of beads: 432

Languages supported: 10. Input characters: 20 In Chinese / 40 in English

DIYTEXT EDITINGComfortable designPackage Included



Comfortable design

Package Included

1. Custom Sketchpad: Select color, then light the lamp beads on the glasses, draw any patterns you want, ans display them in real time.

2. DIY images saved are also editable.

Type text: Click on the preview box-select text color -input text content - ok, you can achieve a single text with different color effect

Text effect: Set text color, background color, effect(left, right, ficker), spead.

Lightweight material, good toughness, fits the head, reduces the pressure on the temples, and improves comfort

1 xLED Glasses

1 x USB Cable

1 x Storage bag

1 x User Manual