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Face Transforming LED Mask with App Controlled - Programmable LED Halloween Mask

$139.00 $111.00


LED Face Transforming Mask - This is the coolest led mask for this Halloween, Christmas. It can be controlled by phone app and has up to 45 animations and 70 still images to choose from. You can also DIY and upload your own photos. If you don’t want to use a phone, with a motion sensor on the face mask, you can even transform faces by simply waving your hands. Get ready to party.
DIY Faces and Music Rhythm - You Can add photos or DIY scrolling text on this halloween mask. If you play the music in the app or talk to the led mask(turn on microphone on the app), the volume EQ will be coolly showed on the face mask. With so many preset images, animations and DIY function, this light up mask is GREAT for parties, Halloween, costume shows, music festivals, Christmas, dancing rave, masquerade costumes, carnivals, bar, nightclub, etc. It’ll make you the center of any party.
Comfortable to Wear LED mask - full face led mask for adults kids is also comfortable to wear. It is not very thick and come with silicon pad for the eyes (very comfortable). You can breath normally, see things normally, and adjust the size of the mask strap.
LED luminous Mask with USB-C Charging - Halloween mask the rechargeable version has high-quality reachareable batteries and it lasts about 10-14 hours on one charge. The batteries are very safe. It has great adjustable brightness, it looks cool in both daytime and night. Enjoy the fun with NO worries.
Health Materials & Satisfied Service - The materials used have been tested and have certificates to ensure the safety of daily wearing. Each light up mask has undergone strict quality test in the factory. We are very confident about the quality. If there’s any problems after purchasing the product, please contact us and we’ll make you satisfied.

The Newest, Coolest Unique Led Mask for Adults - Face Transforming LED Mask with App Controlled

Shining LED Mask

THIS LED face mask built-in 2074pcs RGB LEDs, the newest updated full-colors customizable LED Mask in the market. Support DIY with our App programmable. Perfect for people who play the different roles at Cosplay party, music festival, EDM festival, dancing rave, masquerade costumes, carnivals, bar, nightclub.

DIY LED face maskface changecharacter

DIY LED face mask

face change


Download the app named "Shining Mask". When Connecting to the Led Mask, you can set to single color, flash, gradient, smooth and Multi-color. You can upload DIY pictures through the application, change the dynamic and static text, set a variety of display styles.

Press the power button, and then cover the top sensor switch with the hand, when display '' OK '' on the screen, then can use gestures to change the screen picture. If the screen reads "X" then gesture mode is disabled. While gesture mode is on, wave your hand in front of the sensor to change faces. In the app you can set the order of faces you would like to appear.

Pick from our wide selection of 70 faces and 45 animations directly from the "Shinning Mask" app. Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay party, music festival, EDM festival, dancing rave, masquerade costumes, carnivals, bar, nightclub.

music maskcoolkids halloween mask

music mask


kids halloween mask

It will display an animated equalizer that syncs with music rhythm, or follow your own voice(select the microphone mode).

It's great fun to use this led mask on VTCs, photos on Facebook, etc.

Our led mask has an adjustable elastic band, so it fit kids very well. The best halloween gifts to your kids. Be creative.

gootus led scary face mask

LED full-face mask is the beginning of happiness.

best gifts led mask

Our Face Transforming LED Mask design to be powerful, which supports face changing by gesture, app control, personalized customization, music rhythm, definitely one of a kind and set trend in parties, make you outstanding in your party. This is by far the coolest Christmas or Halloween gift.

Our Shining Masks are under thoroughly tested and made to the highest standards. Each mask was tested by our QC Team, make sure our customers have a great experience on our products.

cool led face mask
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