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Led Mask with Gesture Sensing Transforming,Light Up Luminous Digital Glow Mask

$89.00 $71.00

Dynamic 50 Pattern Display: Our Led mask boasts an impressive 50 pattern display, allowing you to easily switch between dynamic display modes to match your mood and occasion. Whether it's a birthday, Halloween, Christmas, rave, or electronic music festival, this light up mask is perfect for any occasion,to make you the center of attention.
High-Quality Construction: Made with excellent quality materials, our LED mask is both durable and long-lasting. The bright and vibrant colors, along with the excellent graphics and animations, ensure that you'll grab everyone's attention. Plus, the light up mask is comfortable to wear, and the adjustable strap and large eye hole make it suitable for anyone, whether adult or child kid.
Comfortable to Wear: The design of our LED face mask takes into consideration the importance of comfort, which is why it features sponge padding on the inside. Even if you wear it for a long time, it remains comfortable to wear, led masks is also very quiet in woking. This makes it an ideal Mask for any party or event.
LED light up mask safe : Our LED mask is made of quality materials that are odorless and non-toxic. It won't cause eye fatigue, nor will it have any effects on the human body. Additionally, the electronic digital mask is designed to prevent overheating, ensuring that it remains safe to use throughout the night.
Excellent Sales and Service: making led mask an ideal gift for yourself, your kids, or your friends. If you need any help or assistance with the product, our customer service team is always available to provide support. We're confident that you'll love our LED mask, and we've ensured that each mask passes a rigorous quality inspection before leaving the factory.

led maskled light up mask

2023 NEWEST Led Light Up Mask For Adult Kid,For Masquerade Rave Halloween,Unique Led Digital Smart Luminou Mask,Surprisest,Coolest Led Light Up Mask With Gesture Switching

light up masklight up maskMasquerade Led Light Up MaskMasquerade Led Light Up Mask

light up mask

Masquerade Led Light Up Mask

Masquerade Led Light Up Mask

Activated Gesture Switch Way

1:Cover The Led Light up Mask Sensor With Your Hand.

2:When "OK" Is Displayed,Gesture Is Turned On.

Disabled Gesture Switch Way

1:Cover The Led Light up Mask Sensor With Your Hand.

2:And When "X" Is Displayed,Gesture Is Turned Off.

Led Light Up Mask Charging Time About 3 Hours,Can be used for About 8 hours,Led Electronic Digital Mask Don't Worry Of Battery Consumption.

Adjust The Right Position According To Different Face Shapes, It Is Very Light And The Eye Holes Are Large, So You Will Not Feel Uncomfortable Wearing It

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High-Quality After-Sales Service

light up mask

SOOOEC Masquerade Led Light Up Mask Are 100% Quality Tested Before Leaving The Factory.

If There Are Any Quality Problems After Purchasing The Product, Please Do Not Hesitate To Inform Us.

Very Cool Halloween Led Glow Mask,Your Friends Or Family Members Are Surprised. Great For Your Own Use Or As Gift For Your Friends.Great For Men Women Adults Kid.

We will make your stay of pleasant"Cosplay,Masquerade,Birthday,Party,Carnival,Halloween,Christmas,New Year".Because You have SOOOEC Led Mask!

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