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LED Reflective Vest Running Gear, USB Rechargeable Light Up Running Vest

$26.00 $22.00

DRIVERS CAN SEE YOU AND HAVE TIME TO MAKE REACTIONS-The new reflective running vest combines LED flash lights and reflective gear. The drivers can see you from 1200 feet away even in the darkness and without any light reflection.
RECHARGABLE LED LIGHTs - Different from traditional running lights for runners because of its powerful front lights and safety warning tail-lights in the back. The visibility of LED lights for runners is 10 times that of other reflective gear at night. The LED running lights have longer battery life than the previous generation, fully charged in around 40 minutes and then work approximately 11 hours.
LARGE CAPACITY- Cell phone holder for running size: 5.5" x 8.6" (WxH), carrying keys, cash, cards, earphones, passport and small-size valuable items. The runners vest phone holder fits all smart phones with shells. The headphone cable ports enable you to enjoy the music anytime.
ADJUSTABLE,APPICABLE TO ALL SIZES - Adjustable waistlines from 29 "to 45"; Adjustable shoulder lines from 16 " to 32". The adjustable part of the running belt is elastic and cooperates with the buckles to adjust the length. Slipping the buckles to get a size suitable for men, women and kids.
SOFT MATERIALS AND COMFORTABLE FIT –  reflective running vests are made of soft fabrics and thus are comfortable and fit for bodies without moving, shaking, bouncing, riding or rubbing. Keep you safe in running, cycling, walking, motorcycling, and etc.

The technology revolution of the running device led .


LED reflective vest with phone holder is a large-capacity reflective vest . It aims to provide customers with high-quality and durable lighting. It is practical. It adds mobile phone bags and increases capacity of LED light bands. All these will be a technological revolution.

The SOOOEC-developed rechargeable LED light up vest with large battery capacities can support maximize 11 hours of lighting time.

Why do we choose SOOOEC-developed reflective running vest?



2022 New LED Reflective Vest With Phone Holder


Keep you safe while running, cycling, walking, motorcycling and etc.

Size: average size, suitable for most people

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