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Men Women Sound Activated LED T Shirt Oversize Tshirts Rock DJ Aesthetic T Shirts

$39.00 $32.99




Gender 1: Men
Collar: V-Neck
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve
Feature: EL Flashing
Material: Nylon
Clothing Length: Long
Origin: CN(Origin)
Color: black /blue
Tops Type: Tees
Sleeve Style: standard
Item Type: tops
Gender: MEN
Fabric Type: JERSEY
Item Code: 853075466
Category: Men's T-Shirts


Product Features The flashing light effect of the luminous T-shirt can perfectly match the rhythm of the sound, perfect rhythm Whether it"s the sound of singing, or the music of a cell phone, bar or KTV, It can perfectly show the dynamic charm of music. Suitable for the crowd: (avant-garde, fashion, personality, party, bar, KTV, disco, etc. nightlife, street dance enthusiasts and personal appreciation enthusiasts...) Scope of use: (bars, KTV, disco, parties, appointments, music fans, stadium events, cultural evenings, personal collections, etc...)

Instructions for use The clothes are already assembled with light panels , just need to install the batteries before wearing it . Since the batteries are the restricted shipping products, all goods cannot be shipped with batteries .

Men Women Sound Activated LED T Shirt Oversize Black One Color Tshirts Rock Disco DJ Aesthetic T Shirts Couple Casual Tshirt 6XL 25921094

Description The Equalizers can be clipped to the belt or hidden inside the garment. You only need to install 2 AAA batteries to make a flashing dynamic effect. they are one of the most popular costumes for various night parties, fan clubs, bars, hustle and bustle, dance halls, sports events, and stadiums. There are so many light panels models below . Please remarking which models with the type number in your orders .

Washing and Disassembly The panel and Equalizer need to be removed before washing . Supports hand wash and machine wash. 1,First, flip the inner layer of the T-shirt out, and then find out the black power A connector which is at the end of the yellow electrode on the back of the panel, and which is at the end of the Equalizer power cable,the black power B connector with 7 metal pins . Grasp the A connector with your left hand, and the right grasp the B connector, and then gently separate the connectors on each side. 2, remember,when you see the 7 metal pins are in different lengths, please adjust them to be one-leveled length , otherwise it will not be able to electrify, it will also cause portion of the panel can not light . Please stay the 7 metal pin headers on the connector linked to the equalizer

Washing and Disassembly Washing and Disassembly 3, you must first unplug the power plug before tearing the the panel , otherwise it is easy to tear off the yellow soft electrode behind the back of the light sheet to cause power failure. Next, the panel and the are separated and finally the Equalizer is also removed. 4, remember to gently remove the panel, the panel can not be folded, such as the occurrence of creases, it is easy to break the conductive line of the panel and cause it to not light. 5, the panel sheet and Equalizer should be kept in a dry and ventilated place.

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